Pengalaman Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa (ODGJ) Paska Pasung Dalam Melakukan Rehabilitasi Psikososial

  • Ati Nurillawaty Rahayu
  • Novy HC Daulima Universitas Indonesia
  • Ice Yulia Wardhani Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: Psychological rehabilitation, Pasung, Phenomenology


Psychosocial rehabilitation is a service which aimed to develop emotional, social, and intellectual skills. This program applied for people with mental disorder (PWMD) who experienced physical restrain (pasung). Pasung is a form of physical restrain or confinement conducted by non-professional community towards person with mental disorder. Pasung may cause various effects on PWMD, including physical, psychological, and social effects. Pasung may impact on the client’s adaptability in following psychosocial rehabilitation program. The objective of this qualitative phenomenological research was to describe the experience of PWMD post pasung conducting psychosocial rehabilitation in Pala Martha Social Retreat, Sukabumi. This number of the participant in the study was six PWMD. The data were collected by indepth interview. There result of the study was describe in four themes: 1) Low self-esteem as manifestation of psychosocial rehabilitation in PWMD post pasung, 2) The improvement of activity daily living of PWMD post pasung conducting psychological rehabilitation, 3) The improvement of self capacity after conducting psychosocial rehabilitation, 4) The improvement of self actualization after conducitng psychosocial rehabilitation. The optimalization of psychosocial rehabilitation was needed in order to prepare the independency and productivity of PWMD.