Peran Motivasi dan Minat Dalam Perilaku Pemberian Asi Eksklusif Tenaga Keperawatan Tangerang Selatan

  • Mustika Wati Akademi Keperawatan Berkala Widya Husada
  • Aprilia Jupratiwi Akper Berkala Widya Husada
Keywords: Exclusive Breast Milk, Motivation, Interest, Behavior, Nursing Care


Introduction: Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months is crucial to one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) goals of reducing child mortality and improving maternal health. Nursing Care has a very important role, especially Education and promotion to the public in providing health education about Exclusive breastfeeding. Purpose: This study aims to analyze factors related to exclusive breastfeeding behavior on Nursing Staff in RS Tangerang Selatan area. Method: Survey design using cross sectional approach, that is the measurement of independent variable and the dependent variable only once at one time. The sample used total sampling technique with the number of respondents 50 nursing staff taken during data collection. Result: Bivariate analysis using Chi-square statistical test obtained knowledge of research, education level, motivation, and family support with value of P value in sequence : P = 0.069; P = 0.476; P = 0.079 ;; P = 0.153 ;. The interest of the P valuation result is P = 0.049 with OR: 3,400. Conclusion: There is no significant relationship between knowledge, education level, motivation and family support with Exclusive breastfeeding behavior on nursing staff. While the interest has a meaningful relationship with the behavior of breastfeeding Exclusive nursing personnel in RS Tangerang Selatan region. For that we need a very strong interest for nursing personnel in improving exclusive breastfeeding behavior, so as to provide education to people who breastfeed babies aged 0-6 months.